Sunday, October 26, 2014

Demo Reel Fall 2014

Hey Everyone,

it has been while. i have been extremely busy with the third year films, and working on the shots for my reel. well here a reel i put together for CTN this November. Looking forward to meet many of my favorite artists :) Hope you enjoy this reel.  Cheers

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Demo Reel Summer 2014

Finally !!! After few months of animating, here is my first demo reel. The past few months have been an absolute pleasure learning how to animate in Maya, lots of ups and downs, but none the less, I've learnt a lot (can't even say how much),  improved my technical skills of Maya, as well as acting and animating skills. There are WIP shots, which i will update later, once i get them going, and polish them, but for now, here it is. Hope you enjoy looking it, as much as i enjoyed animating them.