Thursday, February 11, 2016

Quick Update


thanks for passing by here. It has been a while since i had the chance or the courage to update this blog. Well here is what i have been up to for the past few months. I got an animation internship last summer at Sony Imageworks. Which was the most satisfying few months of my animation career so far.

When i got the email stating that i was accepted, i felt so humbled and extremely honored to be a small part of a great studio. It was great moving to Vancouver, BC for the summer and met a lot fun and hard working artists. The highlight of being at Sony was when i was sitting in the training room, and i was told which show i was going to be in. I was super happy to learn that they wanted to have the animation intern on one of their shows, STORKS.

Storks was my first exposure to feature animation. It was absolutely a pleasure to work alongside of so many great animators. Learning from Josh Beveridge ( the Supervisor on the show) and my co-workers was a humbling and fun experience and i got to learn a ton. This movie is directed by Doug Sweetland the director of Presto and long time Pixar animator, and Nicholas Stoller ( Get him to the Greek, YES man...) 

Now i am in final semester of animation degree, and it has been a great ride making my thesis film. I will try to post it here once it's done along with a great news that i will share when the time is right. For now here is an image of my short, 


Thursday, December 4, 2014

CTN 2014

Hello Everyone,

i recently got back from the CTN trip. Without any doubt, it was extremely fun, informative, and inspiring trip. There are many great artists, animators out there, and they were all under the same roof. Meeting the legendary animators such as Andreas Deja, Glen Keane, Nik Renieri,James Baxter John Musker and many more was truly a pleasure. On the other hand, visiting the Disney Animation Studio, and spending sometime with the animators was an opportunity that inspired me to work even harder to get better as an animator.
On the trip, i tried to sketch any time i had the chance, well, here they are, hope you enjoy them. Cheers